A ROM of an apparently damaged game board found locked in a safe in the back of an old arcade. Gameplay appears relatively consistent with the classic "PacMan". Primary differences are:

  • Player cannot see what PacMan cannot see
  • Ghosts behaviors are... unique.
  • Players who finish the original arcade game board suffer severe psychological and occasionally physiological trauma, up to and including death of the subject (ROM's effect is significantly reduced).


Enter/Space: Emulate coin deposit

WASD/Arrows: Move PacMan

M: Mute audio

G: Disable / Enable CRT Effect

Report 10/16/15

Additional Repairs were completed on original arcade PCB sections N-1 thru R-6.

Technician Casualties: M. Harper (Fell into catatonic state during testing. Declared brain dead.)

New ROM compiled. Noticable changes:

* Unknown


Report 4/8/15

Additional Repairs were completed on original arcade PCB sections K-2 thru L-9.

Techinician Casualties: L. Basker (Suicide. Note left by Basker indicates connection with project.)

New ROM compiled. Noticable changes:

  • Ghosts now emit a faint sound when in proximity of the player.
  • Level 6 anomaly now occurs on Level 5.
  • "Game Over" screen anomaly no longer consistent.
  • Windows compatible download now begins in full screen. Appears to substantially increase subject immersion.


Report 3/27/15

Repairs were completed on original arcade PCB sections A-16 thru A-19.

Techinician Casualties: A. Roberts (cardiac arrest), K. Alex (Missing, presumed deceased)

New ROM compiled. Noticable changes:

  • Ability to disable CRT effect with "G" key.
  • Red entity designated "SCREAMY" no longer occasionally remains in one place.
  • "Super Pills" animation no longer freezes after player death.

Also, in order to maximize potential subject exposure, a Windows compatible download has been authorized.


Port by: Berick Cook | @berickcook | berickcook@gmail.com

Art by: Thibaut Faddy | thibaut.faddy@gmail.com

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