A downloadable game for Windows

A customizable, full screen, freeware bomb countdown timer.

  1. Set the timer length in seconds
  2. Set the password to disarm the bomb (numbers and / or letters)
  3. Set the penalty (in seconds) for entering the wrong password
  4. Go!

Timer turns red when close to 0, and plays an explosion sound if the bomb is not defused in time.

Admin Controls:

  • Reset: Control + Alt + Enter
  • Mute Countdown: Control + Alt + M

Originally created for use in airsoft / paintball matchesto replicate that good old fashioned CounterStrike feel.

Looking for even more customization? Feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do!

Email: BerickCook@gmail.com

Twitter: @BerickCook


Bomb Counter.exe 2 MB