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  • True to TV movie hacking!
  • 10 whole levels!
  • Procedural city background generation!
  • Awesome soundtrack by Starship Amazing!
  • Minimalistic (at least, that's my excuse) graphics!
  • A random level gen for when you get tired of mine!

Pre-Deadline Update -

Fixed random level gen bug on completion of level

How to:

Hack the traffic control database using your hard-earned skills [MASH THE KEYBOARD] to gain control over a hovercar.

Control the hovercar with the ARROW KEYS. Stay out of the smog, as it interferes with your transmission and you'll lose control. Don't pull an Icarus and fly too high either.

Snatch any falling Dead Drops before they reach the smog, and drive them off-screen to secure them.

If you find yourself being chased by cops, try to lose them in the traffic. Police Academy ain't what it used to be. Turn 'Serve and Protect' into 'Ram into People and Die in Flames'.

About your display:

TIME TILL DROP - Dead Drops live and die on their own schedule. Once they begin a job, they're racing the clock, and so are you. They can't wait for you to finish hacking or dodging police. Be ready when they are. Fortunately, they're not COMPLETELY suicidal. They'll let you know how long before they dive, so keep an eye on your timer.

DROPS ONBOARD - This is how many Dead Drops are aboard your current ride. Fly off either side of your display, and our operatives will take your car the rest of the way to safety. You'll need to hack another if there are more Drops left. Now, as long as you don't have any Drops aboard when your dumbass either crashes, gets lost in the smog, or gets caught by the fuzz, you can just hack another and carry on. Use this to your advantage to distract cops with captured decoys.

DROPS SAFE - The number on the left is how many drops you've gotten to safety, the number on the right is how many drops are working the job. I think you can figure out the rest.

What is a Dead Drop:

If data = $$$, Dead Drops are the bank robbers. Elite hackers, these brave souls break into data centers and take all they can. Unfortunately, they tend to alert security in the process. Since going one on one with armed guards is suicide, they do the next logical thing: Dive out the nearest window.

That's where you come in. As a TranJack, your job is to hack into the local traffic control database and secure a getaway vehicle. Once acquired, snatch the Dead Drops and get them to safety before they, and more importantly their stolen data, are either captured by the Police or end up organic graffiti on the pavement below.

Twitter: @BerickCook

Email: BerickCook@gmail.com


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